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The FIRE Diabetes Journey helps to reverse Type 2 Diabetes & other conditions related to insulin resistance (e.g. prediabetes, PCOS, IBS & obesity).
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Diabetes is not a life sentence

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What is Fire Diabetes?

Fix Insulin Resistance Easily

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The FIRE Diabetes journey is science-based, and developed by team of medical doctors and other scientists.

  • Info anyone can grasp

    We condensed scientific truth into bite-size chunks that anyone can grasp.

  • Practical tips

    We turned those bite-sized facts into practical tips that anyone can apply at home.

  • Healthy daily habits

    We made it easy to turn those tips into healthy, daily habits that anyone can fit into a busy lifestyle.

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What you get

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Daily support from the FIRE Diabetes Team


Daily health information and instructions via video, podcast, email and App


Life-changing weekly online discussion with experts

Food list

What food to eat and what NOT to eat

Shopping list

Weekly grocery shopping list

Meal plans

Meal plans and recipes from celebrity Chef, Pete Goffe-Wood

Created by Nociconist from the Noun Project

Medical report

Scientific report for your doctor

Facebook Group

Access to the exclusive FIRE Diabetes Club on Facebook

Your guides for the journey

Meet Drs Stef Snyman, Frank Muller, Phumzile Mmope, George Roux and celebrity chef Pete Goffe-Wood – your guides for the FIRE Diabetes Journey.


My sugar is down to normal and I’m off all medication. I lost 13 lbs. (6 kg) in 40 days. My mood is good, I’m not feeling so down all the time and I have no brain fog. My sleep is deeper and I don’t wake up tired.
Fire Diabetes participant 2020
The doctors told me I have 18 months to live. I then followed this 40-day journey: I was off insulin in 3 days after 20 years of injections. I'm feeling better than ever before.
Fire Diabetes participant 2019

The next FIRE Diabetes Journey starts 5 June 2021

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