FIRE Diabetes

Attention span & mood improvement

Congratulations to the Fire Diabetes in 40 Days-team for a well rounded and superbly designed course. You have managed to keep me motivated throughout the forty days. The information presented was scientifically backed, yet presented in a digestable form. As a direct result of the program, my attention span has improved markedly and my mood has improved drastically. I have not re-tested my insulin yet, but am confident that it has dropped significantly. As an added bonus, I have lost 4kg in 4 weeks! Thank you for the opportunity to have been part of this program. It has equipped me with all the necessary tools to persist in this personal quest of mine – conquering the Insulin Resistance giant! As a medical doctor, I enthusiastically recommend this course to Type 2 diabetes and Insulin resistant patients. More so, I want to encourage all doctors to take this course – your patients will thank you!
Dr Annelie Hugo