FIRE Diabetes

Best Money Spent

The money I spent to become one of the participants in the 40 day F.I.R.E Diabetes program was the best money I spent this year. Not only did I meet a group of wonderful people, all passionate about sharing their knowledge, wisdom and all the information you need, but their interest and motivation helped me to keep focused, stick to the green list and do my daily exercises. The meal plans and recipes are delicious and motivated me to plan, get creative in the kitchen and enjoy my weekly meals – there are after all now less eating so I make sure every meal is GOOD! I now can not only see the results on the scale but my skin is smoother, I am feeling more positive and happier and I am rid of my chronic headaches. To be fat adapted is so powerful – I can actually plan a road trip for a day and know I only have to pack my water supply – I will not get hungry every hour or even for 24 hours. By learning how to fast for 36 and then 72 hours (it is easier than you think!) made me stronger – I know now that I can decide what I put in my mouth – I do not have to be a slave of my body or appetite or all the advertisements in the shops for unhealthy food! To wake up after 60 hours without food, full of energy and with a mind more clear and focused than ever was mind blowing and helped me to keep going for another 12 hours! The F.I.R.E Diabetes team gave me hope – I now know it is possible to reverse insulin resistance! And I will be forever grateful to them – thank you!

Nelmarie Fourie