FIRE Diabetes

Comments on our Science

It is good to see all the research evidence supporting this paradigm shift. Jason Fung said that insulin resistance starts way before the actual symptoms of diabetes and pre-diabetes are observed. This makes sense, as I have been struggling to lose weight for years, and I have been warned about my blood trig levels on several occasions. Never connecting it with insulin resistance. And the general advice – eat less fat, exercise more. All short-term unsustainable approaches. More motivation to embark on this new journey.

Prof GR
South Africa
I am now very sad that I was sent to a dietician in my formative years because they told me all these myths. As a result, I have constantly been struggling with food my whole life and been obese because I don’t have the needed “will power”.
South Africa
What a revelation on what really is behind these truths that we need to reverse our understanding.
Visited my doctor and he is very impressed with this program.
South Africa