FIRE Diabetes

Energy & Mental Benefits

Thank you for giving me the tools and hope to change the rest of my life from being trapped in discomfort and disability back to my old (and even better) self!
San-Mari Burger
So many truths shared here. Positive thinking, Visualising the end. Taking responsibility. The main message is to stop making excuses. We are responsible for our own health. And we have to belief that we can take charge and be successful.
Prof R
South Africa
A powerful lesson on our work with the mind and removing doubts. Being always apprehensive, we need to manage the negative assertions and have a vision or end game in mind.
These past 2 days, I had much more energy, resulting in doing lots of stuff like painting furniture, cleaning out cupboards (up and down a ladder), moving furniture, etc. But the amazing this is, today I have NO body aches. None at all. I think the diet + the supplements were the magic combination.
Prof GR
South Africa
I find the FIRE diabetes in 40 days challenges my life as a whole and requires me to change my daily program – for the better though. It keeps me involved and I look forward to each day’s input and challenge.
Prof MC
South Africa