FIRE Diabetes


Most frequent questions and answers

FIRE Diabetes in 40 Days and the ongoing support is valued at more than R66,000 (±$4,000) for the first year.

In times like these, few people can afford this amount of money – even if it is life-changing and lifesaving.

That is why we offer this course and the ongoing support to you at an incredible price of R6,000! (±$400) or R550 (±$37) per month over 12 months.

That’s more than 90% off!

The program is for people of all genders and races. The science-based principles we teach work for all humans.

During your FIRE Diabetes journey, you will get the following:

  • Continuous support: Daily focused support from the FIRE Diabetes team of experts
    Structured health education: Daily health information and instructions via video, podcast, email and App, backed up by the continuous interprofessional support.
  • 54 daily emails (two weeks run-in and 40 days actual journey)
  • 54 daily videos to watch and show to family, friends and co-workers.
  • Tons of downloadable resources, including a 1,000 recipe ebook
  • Live online discussions: 8 Life-changing weekly interactive Zoom discussions with experts
    Food choice guidelines: What food to eat and what NOT to eat.
  • Detailed shopping lists: Weekly grocery shopping lists
  • Meal plans: Creative science-based meal plans, fun-filled recipes and video demonstrations by celebrity Chef Pete Goffe-Wood
  • Medical report: Scientific report guiding your doctor how to support you on the journey
  • Close-knit online community: Access to the FIRE Circle, our exclusive and supportive online community for 10 months following your 40-day journey

Course content is delivered via Teachable (an online platform) or our App. We also use Email, WhatsApp, and Zoom. You receive a daily email that reviews the day’s theme and content. You simply click on the links in the email to access the content. You need to set aside about half an hour daily to work through the content and contribute to your personal health record.

By showing you how to reverse insulin resistance, we give you the keys to cure your own diabetes or prediabetes.
This course will give you all the practical tools and support you need to reverse your insulin-resistance. Once the journey is over, you will know how to maintain your new lifestyle.
The program is based on solid scientific evidence. As such, it works for almost all humans, except for those with certain genetic diseases. Some people need longer than 40 days to completely reverse their insulin resistance, but they all eventually get there. However, if you feel that this is not for you, you can ask for your money back within 30 days of the start of the course. We refund 100%.
Type 1 diabetes is a disease of too little insulin in the body. As such, this course is not ideally suited for Type 1 diabetics. However, type 1 diabetics that implemented the FIRE recommendations in their life have seen their daily insulin requirement drop significantly. In addition, some of the bad outcomes of Type 1 diabetes were reversed in these individuals.
We emphasise that this is not a weight loss program. However, once the metabolic function of insulin is restored, people find that the excess weight slips off effortlessly. “You don’t lose weight in order to get healthy. You get healthy in order to lose weight.” As such, if you only want to find a rock solid, science-based way of losing weight, this 40 Day journey will certainly help you do just that.

Yes, most definitely. People with PCOS take a lot longer than 40 days to see the full benefit, but during the 40 days, you will get all the tools you need to beat PCOS without medication. The ongoing support after the 40 days is invaluable for our participants who are overcoming their PCOS.

The program is not designed for vegans and vegetarians.

Yes, you can join! You will need reasonably good internet access (a smartphone will do) to watch our awesome videos and download handouts. If you can print from your phone, you can turn the handouts into hard copies. It will also help if you have Zoom, Facebook and WhatsApp installed on your phone.