FIRE Diabetes

Fire Diabetes – a life-changing event

I am not diabetic but had a severe health issue. As a side effect of medication for osteoporosis, my upper digestive system (my mouth, tongue, oesophagus, gut and stomach) was chemically burned in December 2018. For me, this was a life-changing event.

For more than a year I was referred to from one medical specialist to the next. Seven specialist appointments later, an overspent medical aid and many accounts to be paid, I was still ill and in the dark as to what I should do restore my health.

In 2011, I met Dr Stefanus Snyman at the Stellenbosch University where we both were employed. During this time I also met Dr Frank. I discovered that they are conscientious, dedicated, hardworking and medical educators of note. I watched these clever medical practitioners take time to really listen to what patients have to say about their own health. I have witnessed Dr Stefanus walk the extra mile with students and patients to enable them to understand relevant medical concepts.

It happened recently that I was discussing my struggle with ill health with Doc Stef and he suggested that I look to change my diet and participate in the FIRE Diabetes in 40 days’ journey.

As we draw to the end of the introduction phase, I am thrilled with the improvement in the health of my gut, I feel well and I can taste again! In a few months’ time I must go for my bone density test and I am expecting that the deterioration will have been halted or perhaps there may even be improvement.

A very big thank you to: Dr Stefanus, Chef Pete, Dr Frank, Dr Phumzile, Dr George, and Mrs Helena.

Prof Marina Clarke

Professor in Nursing