FIRE Diabetes

Getting off meds and saving money – Liz’s journey

This is what Liz had to say on why you should sign up for FIRE Diabetes:

If there are any people who are diabetics out there and think, ‘Oh well it’s good for you, not good for me,’ I have this very same thing within my own family – with a a sister who’s who’s diabetic as well. Do you really want to continue being pumped with more and more medication? That was my thing, I just couldn’t deal with it – and all the other things: not having energy, not sleeping well. I’ve absolutely loved losing weight. I’ve lost about 15 kilograms now, but the whole feeling of being
in control, the feeling of coming off those medications one by one and taking your sugars in the morning, and finding that you’re still okay without those things. One of the wonderful things also is the the saving of money. I was paying in almost R2000 over and above what medical aid was paying for my medication and I felt completely trapped in this. There’s no way out. I felt that if i didn’t have the medication that my endocrinologist gave me I would die or whatever. Just being free of that is just to me incredible. I have also gone off my chronic asthmatic medication and I have halved a statin I was on and high blood pressure medication. I’ve
had both of those and take my blood pressure almost every day, sometimes more than once a day just to see that I’m okay. But you know, that also has been an amazing breakthrough for me – I’ve been on those things for 13 years since I had a major stroke many years ago, so I was forced to go on them. And now I’m off them and I’m feeling extremely energetic, sleeping better than I’ve slept for probably 15 years. Give it a try, give it more than a try if you are diabetic or even if you just overweight and not feeling well – but if you are diabetic, we need to take some control of our lives.