FIRE Diabetes

"Diabetes is a life sentence without parole..."

Is it really?

If diabetes treatment is so good, why are the outcomes so bad?

Over the past 4 decades, Type 2 Diabetes has skyrocketed off the charts in most countries. And still the end is not in sight. Diabetes is linked to a much higher risk of many health problems, including:

  • Heart attack
  • Heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Obesity
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Nerve pain
  • Cancer

The list goes on and on, but you get the picture, right?

Do any of these common Diabetes Symptoms affect you as well?

"Diabetes is not a life sentence without parole, it is a death penalty by one thousand lashes."

Is it really?

If you’ve been listening to many doctors and dieticians, chances are you agree with the statement above. “Once a diabetic, always a diabetic.” But not all is lost. A large and growing group of scientists, doctors, dieticians and journalists have been fighting for decades for the truth to be heard.
They suffered many personal attacks by colleagues, pharmaceutical companies and the media. But their voices were not stilled. Instead, over the past decade, a groundswell of consensus has arisen from many sectors:

Diabetes can be reversed! Yes, the horrid knock-on effects can be prevented! The prison door is standing open!

To escape the diabetes prison, all you need to do, is to hear the scientific truth spelled out, bit by bit, from beginning to end. Once you’ve seen the puzzle pieces fall into place, and the entire picture of how your body was meant to operate, you will never look at food (or medicine) the same way again. Never.

You see, as long as you focus on the diabetes, you will never cure it. Diabetes is not a disease; it is a symptom. Underlying Type 2 Diabetes is a condition called “insulin resistance”. Only once that condition is reversed, will diabetes be reversed. Fortunately, insulin resistance can be reversed – but only if you follow the science.

At FIRE Diabetes HQ we went one step further.

  • Info anyone can grasp

    We condensed scientific truth into bite-size chunks that anyone can grasp.

  • Practical tips

    We turned those bite-sized facts into practical tips that anyone can apply at home.

  • Healthy daily habits

    We made it easy to turn those tips into healthy, daily habits that anyone can fit into a busy lifestyle with the ongoing support from the FIRE community.

And all within 40 days.

That’s why we call it “FIRE Diabetes in 40 Days: Your Online Journey to Reverse Diabetes Easily“. Thereafter you enjoy the ongoing support from the FIRE community to continue restoring your metabolic health.

How do you FIRE Diabetes easily?

Our team has been using the techniques taught on this 40-day journey for years to reverse Type 2 Diabetes in patients everyone else had given up on.

This course will give you all the practical tools you need to reverse your insulin-resistance and lower your COVID-19 risk profile dramatically.

Everybody who follows our science-backed advice sees results in a matter of weeks (often in days). Significant shift in many health markers and symptoms are seen within the first 40 days.

Those who finish a FIRE journey don’t just want to ride off into the sunset. To fully restore metabolic health and to reach your target weight will probably need longer than 40 days. You just have to persist a bit longer, using the tools we provide, to eventually achieve the right results. That is why 10 months’ subscription to the FIRE Circle for continued support and growth is included when you register for the 40-day journey.

We start with a 2 week run-in period – everyone’s mind is prepared for what’s about to come.

Then there’s a 40 day sprint through body, mind, community and even spirituality that will leave you feeling breathless, but completely refreshed.

Thereafter – for 10 months – you continue to implement your goals of regaining and maintaining metabolic health with the support of our vibrant online community.

On our team we have medical doctors, a clinical pharmacologist, a psychologist / pastoral therapist, a culinary alchemist, a nutritionist, a biokineticist,  and a motivator / strategist. Not to mention the encouragement of participants from previous journeys!

Here's A Small Sample Of The Results You Can Expect...

  • Get healthy again! Discover how to get back your health
  • Save money! Learn how to save tons of money on food and medical bills
  • Think clearly! Beat brain fog and get your brain back
  • Enjoy easy cooking! Learn how to make affordable, tasty food easily
  • Choose right! Learn how to choose and find the right foods easily
  • Relax! Learn to lower stress and anxiety in hectic times
  • Build relationships! The tools that help reverse diabetes also help rebuild broken relationships
  • Reduce risk! Lower your risk of ending up in ICU with COVID-19
  • Get clarity! Understand and use the latest science to your advantage
  • Lose weight! Watch the scale drop by about 1 kg a week
  • Have fun! Enjoy life and have great laughs with the FIRE community
  • Get envied! See how others envy your improved looks

Here's The Bottom Line With "FIRE Diabetes In 40 Days"

  • The course is designed to easily fit into your hectic schedule.
  • You will need reasonably good internet access (a smartphone will do) to watch our awesome videos and download handouts. It will be beneficial if you are able to print documents and recipes
  • Every day begins with a cutting-edge, hard-hitting email that reviews the day’s tasks.
  • Our platform allows you to make comments and ask questions that are answered within 24 hours. No guesswork needed.
  • Our team of experts are fun and motivational. Your day will feel better just listening to them.
  • Medical experts with years of experience in treating hundreds of diabetics share their best practices.
  • Our clinical psychologist / pastoral therapist gives practical guidance to reduce stress and stay motivated.
  • Our proven easy-to-follow exercise routine changes the way people view exercise forever.
  • Our renowned celebrity chef provides daily menus with easy-to-implement, fun-filled dietary advice.

Diabetes affects every area of life.
Reversing it should address every area of life as well. Diet alone will not work in the long run.

All we ask of you is 30 minutes of your time, every day, for 54 days. That’s a total of 27 hours to change the rest of your life for the better. Thereafter you continue with your new lifestyle.

The 40 days are structured along the lines of 40 “F” words, each dealing with another aspect of “FIRE-ing” diabetes.

Special message from our Celebrity Chef, Pete Goffe-Wood

Renowned Braai Master judge and TV celebrity Chef Pete Goffe-Wood is the chief culinary alchemist at FIRE Diabetes HQ.

WATCH HERE – he will be your culinary guide on your 40 Day Journey.

Play Video

So What Are You Getting?

Continuous support

Daily focused support from the FIRE Diabetes team of experts
Value: Priceless

Structured health education

Daily health information and instructions via video, podcast, email and App, backed up by the continuous interprofessional support
Value: R 59,550 (±$4,000)

Live online discussion

8 Life-changing weekly interactive Zoom discussions with experts
Value: R2,000 (±$130)

Food choice guidelines

What food to eat and what NOT to eat
Value: R750 (±$50)

Detailed shopping lists

Weekly grocery shopping lists
Value: R200 (±$13)

Meal plans

Creative science-based meal plans, fun-filled recipes and video demonstrations by celebrity Chef Pete Goffe-Wood
Value: R350 (±$23)

Created by Nociconist from the Noun Project

Medical report

Scientific report guiding your doctor how to support you on the journey
Value: R650 (±$43)


Access to the FIRE Circle, our exclusive and supportive online community for 10 months following your 40-day journey
R2,250 (±$150)

FIRE Diabetes in 40 Days and ongoing support is valued at more than R66,000 (±$4,400)

In times like these, few people can afford this amount of money – even if it is life-changing and lifesaving.


That is why we offer this course to you at an incredible price of R550 ($37) per month over 12 months or R6 000! (±$400).

That’s more than 90% off!

money back guarantee 512x512

Participants in the FIRE programme are entitled to a full no-questions-asked refund within thirty (30) days of first signing up.

"The money I spent to become one of the participants in the 40 Day F.I.R.E Diabetes program was the best money I spent this year.
Not only did I meet a group of wonderful people, all passionate about sharing their knowledge, wisdom and all the information you need, but their interest and motivation helped me to keep focused, stick to the green list and do my daily exercises.
The meal plans and recipes are delicious and motivated me to plan, get creative in the kitchen and enjoy my meals.
The F.I.R.E Diabetes team gave me hope – I now know it is possible to reverse insulin resistance! And I will be forever grateful to them – thank you!"

Nelmarie Fourie

FIRE Diabetes participant 2020


Go ahead – you’ll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we’ve talked about here and more! Let’s get started right now!