FIRE Diabetes

“I’m half the man I used to be (and off all my diabetic drugs)” – Lwazi’s Story

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2013, which was a big shock for me. I was in such a daze that I walked home from the doctor, totally forgetting that I drove there with my car. I had serious health problems for several years, but I still struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis. My doctor prescribed the traditional treatment for diabetes, including a lifestyle change, a low-fat diet, more exercise, and lots of diabetic medication.

I tried but I failed. My weight just crept up, my blood pressure was dangerously high and I felt terrible. This went on for 7 years, and I was losing the battle.

Reality struck as I was attending a family member’s funeral. I realized that if I don’t do something now, my family will attend my funeral if I get Covid. During that same week, a friend who knew about my struggle phoned me and told me about this programme – the FIRE Diabetes in 40 Days journey. It was an answer to my prayers for God for help. I knew 2020 was going to be my year of healing.

So, I joined. I won’t lie – at first, I was scared. I loved my cold drinks, fruit juice, samp and beans. How will I survive without it?

Not only did I survive, but I transformed into a totally new person!

My first breakthrough came while we were still in the two weeks pre-training phase when I managed to stop drinking juice and cold drinks.  By the time we started with the actual 40-day programme, I knew I can do it.

Today, I can fast, I function without carbohydrates, and I do not get hungry.

Holistic approach

The holistic approach of the FIRE Diabetes team, where spiritual well-being is just as important as physical and psychological well-being, helped me to heal.  For someone who is not spiritual, this may not make sense, but I believe this programme came into my life so that I can become the person that God intended me to be.

The programme provided me with holistic support.  I learned the science behind the principles, and within the first few days, I started experiencing the changes in my body.  The scientific facts in my head dropped into my heart. There is no going back.

The positive approach to what you should eat, instead of a negative approach to what you should not eat, helped to keep me motivated.  The interdisciplinary team was fully involved, and they kept tabs on my daily health records and provided me with valuable advice.

The team was so approachable and interacted with me as a person, listening to me and discussing my problems with insight and understanding.

Lifelong change

The 40-day journey was just the beginning of the rest of my healing process.

It is now 18 months since I transformed my lifestyle, and I have not only reversed my Type 2 Diabetes,  fired into remission! I also got rid of a whole list of ailments associated with insulin resistance that I was not able to get rid of before.

Fasting blood sugar (mmol/L) 11-12 4,5
HbA1c (%) 7,6 5,1
Blood pressure (mmHg) 140/100 117/70
Medication Annual increase in diabetic medication Off all diabetic medication. Diabetes in remission

I’m half the man I used to be and much more than what I ever thought I can be!

The year 2020 was my year of healing. God provided me with the FIRE Diabetes programme as a tool to help me reverse my Type-2 Diabetes.

I am a new person – in body, mind, spirit and soul.

Lwazi (5 April 2022)