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How I kicked my sugar habit

How I kicked my sugar habit

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A dear friend of mine told me how excited she was about the FIRE lifestyle programme she was participating in. It significantly changed her physically and mentally.  I knew right there that this was what I needed for the terrible symptoms I was experiencing.

Since my childhood I craved sweet things.  Sugar was my go-to comfort food.  I remember “stealing” sugar from the jar in the kitchen just to get that sugar high. I was a BIG chocoholic!!!  A sweet-tooth expert.

I had tried so many diets.  But the cravings stayed, and the diets failed.

My friends and family know how many diets and phases I went through all my life.  Even from primary school, I suffered from headaches, overweight, fatigue, and was not able to do sport.  That is changing rapidly, thanks to the FIRE lifestyle. They all thought that I would just fall back on my old habits again (as in the past), but this time, I proved them wrong.

Realising how at risk my body was

I enrolled in the FIRE Diabetes programme with the aim of healing my body, my heart and my mind.  I received amazing support from my husband, family, friends, and of course, the FIRE family.

When I received feedback from my initial baseline blood tests, it clearly showed how at risk my body was for all kinds of trauma and chronic disease.

Over the past year on the FIRE programme, I lost 27 kg, which is a lot, considering that I am only 1,6m tall). I have more energy. I am positive and clear-headed.  My emotions are under control. I’m off anxiety medication. The latest blood results show radical overall improvement in my metabolic health.

No more no-no foods, only go-go foods

Since following the FIRE lifestyle, I no longer experience cravings.  We stay away from take-away foods and the no-no (red list) foods.  We plan and prep according to the go-go (green list) foods. My husband and I teamed up, deciding that “this is it; this is how it is going to work in our house”.

Advocating the FIRE lifestyle – hope

One of my friends also enrolled for the 40-day journey, not because she needed to lose weight or had diabetes, but she wanted that change in vision – the new perspective on life – she witnessed in me.

I am a FIRE advocate. I wish to reach more people with this revolutionary good news of hope. It is doable, sustainable, affordable, achievable!

It is just over a year since I started with FIRE. I will continue with this lifestyle

I have no need or urge to go back to the poisoning and devastation of the previous 50 years.  The vicious cycle has been broken, and I say “Hallelujah”!!  It’s a miracle!